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Family Fever Blog
Review of Solar

“As you can see, this is an extremely versatile product, and as such it means you need to carry less when you are out and about. Pop this in your changing bag and you dont have to carry changing mats, towels, parasols, sunshades or blankets – the Bundlebean Solar can be all of them. And it doesn’t take up much room in your changing bag either!”

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Parents In Touch
Review of Go!

Wow! This product got such an enthusaistic reception from my tester. She welcomed it with open arms for her newborn, as it is absolutely perfect for tucking around the car seat for the short journey from house to car. It saves waking the baby in order to wrap her in her all in one and means the baby can be left sleeping in the car seat once taken back indoors – and as we all know, most babies are lulled to sleep in the car and it is such a shame to have to disturb them to undress them. The Bundlebean wraps snugly around the end of the car seat and can easily be tightened to a snug fit. And that’s just one use!
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The Oliver’s Madhouse

Review of the Go!

Let me start by saying how blooming fantastic it is space wise! while packing for a holiday we really did have to ensure we didn’t pack too much and the Solar is really compact and it slotted in the case well as well as fitted snuggley in the pushchairs basket underneath.
It was super easy to attach with the long straps and poppers, in fact it only took a minutes. Now with Joshua being 2 I did expect him to kick it off but in all honesty it didn’t seem to bother him!
I loved using the Bundle Bean Solar in the evenings as it was still in the high 20′s while out and about and yet by adding the hooded beach wrap it made it a little warmer once the sun went down.
….. As parents we often worry about our babies and tots burning and overheating in the sun and this eliminates all the stress!

In The Playroom
Review of Go!

The BundleBean is really convenient and easy and that is what I liked the most about it. Especially with the changing weather we have at the moment, you don’t know what to expect so its handy to be able to just put the footmuff on or off in one minute without any faffing around at all. If you wanted to quickly change it from the buggy to the car seat or the baby carrier, this can be done really easily and quickly.
It is also very small and not bulky at all, so fits easily in the basket of the buggy and is really easy to just fold up and take out with you.
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Edspire – parenting premature twins
Review of Go!

And the heavens opened WIDE! Through the worst of the rain we did have the rain cover over the top of the Bundle Bean blankets but once the heaviest showers had passed we took the cover off and wrapped Esther and William in their waterproof blankets. These Bundle Beans kept them toasty warm and dry whilst we stood through the showers watching the rafting. Esther and William were full of smiles and extraordinary well behaved on a really quite miserable day because they were able to stay safe, warm and dry.

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Follow up review

Bizzie Baby

It is fantastic value for money, it is cheaper than the cosy toes I bought to match my pram and is far more useful. I would definitely purchase this. I like it so much I have already recommended it to the women at toddler group. A definite must have, we don’t go anywhere without our Bundlebean!

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A New Addition

In my eyes this is a very innovative product, I love my baby carrier but I do worry that he has no blanket on and now I own a bundle bean I don’t need to worry. As well as having the added of pockets to keep my hands warm too. I love that it is waterproof and that say you nip to the park they can sit on it as too not get wet bums and then wrap them in it to keep them warm when all the playing has finished!!

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Review of Go!

First I tried it on my Graco Evo Mini which is a front facing pushchair, simply doing up the velcro straps around the frame and securing the elasticated bottom around the foot rest. As you can see there is a handy pcoket on the front that your children can pop their little hands in, no need to fight to get them to keep gloves on their hands!! Then I tried it on my Quinny Xtra in parent facing mode and as you can see from the second picture, I secured it by doing up the velcro straps around the back of the seat unit.

Being a massive babywearing fan, I then tried it on whilst I had Layla wrapped up in a sling. This I think is when I found it most useful as it can stop not only your little but your carrier from getting wet as well. Simply attached by doing up the velcro around my neck and because the top of the BundleBean can be folded up or down, it meant Layla could have her arms out but I could also cover her up if needed.

And if all this hasn’t persuaded you, look at how compactly it folds down when not in use.

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Emmy’s Mummy

Costing a reasonable £29.99 this will get lots of use from it as one size does fit all and once Emmy has finished it will be used with her Brother. I wish I had known of these sooner as when Emmy was small we were always loosing her blankets off the buggy and running them over. When not in use this blanket rolls up small and using the elastic tabs can be secured onto itself and kept under the buggy ready the next time.

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Slummy Mummies

I really love the multiple uses of the BundleBean, its one of those items that will always come in handy! I’m really impressed with its designed and how the zips make the end elasticated. I showed it to our Nursery Expert and he also loved the concept and said it was a quality item!


BundleBean Customer Testimonials

Voted # 1 product at the Earls Court Baby Show by blogger, West London Mum in her Best in Show guide!

It is fantastic value for money, it is cheaper than the cosy toes I bought to match bb awards logo silver 2011my pram and is far more useful. I would finitely purchase this. I like it so much I have already recommended it to the women at toddler group. A definite must have, we don’t go anywhere without our BundleBean!
Joanna Awarded BundleBean 5/5 as a BizzieBaby Reviewer
“It packs up really small, so is easy to transport as welI.  I really can’t think of anthe baby website reviews of bundlebean goy negative points for this – it’s something I wish I’d had way before now”
The Baby Website Review – 5 stars
Our mum liked some of the carefully thought-out touches and was impressed with its versatility. It’s very easy to fit on and seemed Which guide review of BundleBean Gosecure. Our tester was impressed with the unusual way the BundleBean can be used to create an elasticated pouch that fits around the bottom of a buggy, bike seat or car seat, or your child’s feet.
The mum who designed the BundleBean wanted to create something that would cut down on the amount of paraphernalia that parents have to lug about on trips, and our parent tester concluded the BundleBean does offer an attractive solution.
Which? Product Guide
After being a nanny, student midwife and maternity nurse for almost 30 years, I rarely get excited about new products I come across.  But after finding a Bundle Bean amongst a clients multitude of baby care products, I was immediately interested. After reading the packaging further I was keen to try it out. So on my next walk I used it around a baby sling. I found it really easy to fit and even though I used the Bundle Bean with a 4 week old baby, I could see that it will quite happily expand to accommodate a much older child.  This product is so versatile and easy to use, its also light weight and easy to pop in a changing bag.  It can be used as a floor mat/picnic mat, sling cover, car seat cover, cosy toes and bike seat cover.  Its warm and cozy on the inside and water proof on the outside. It will carry you right from newborn through to todlerhood. I love this product and can’t recommend it enough.
Jo Campbell, Baby-Matters Maternity Consultant and Antenatal Educator
“I can honestly say that this is a great piece of kit and would highly recommend it.”
Bianca, mother to Allegra, Richmond
“The beauty of these waterproof blankets, apart from the fact that they look stunning, is that they are so versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any need and mode of transport – and they serve their purpose beautifully”
Jennie, mother of twins
“It’s by far the best foot-muff I have purchased. I love it and so does my daughter, would highly recommend this product, it’s perfect! Well done BundleBean!”
The uses for the Bundlebean are unlimited, it can be attached to a baby carrier, a bike trailer, car seats, and more! The list goes on and it is so simple to fit!
Blogbybaby review
Easy to use, innovative design that keeps my little boy warm and cosy in the winter, but will also be used in the summer when we go for days out and picnics.
Gillian Mitchell, Mum to Thomas 18 Months
I think this is one of the best baby purchases I have ever made!  Thank you and congratulations on such an amazing idea!
Erin Wilkie on Facebook
We found you at the MK show and your product is one of the best buys we have ever made, I have used it every day and our daughter Clara loves snuggling her little hands in the pockets! We have a baby boy on the way and we will defo be investing in another BundleBean. Thanks for making one great, simple, good quality product
Francoise,  Mum to Clara
Honestly the most useful thing we’ve bought for our daughter.
Daisy, via Facebook

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