Are they waterproof?

Yes! All of our covers are fully waterproof. They have been tested by both by a product testing company and by countless grateful parents. You can use your BundleBean cover in all weathers and the user will stay dry beneath it.

Are they warm?

Yes – BundleBean fleeced-lined products use a superior grade 350gsm fleece. Combined with the waterproof layer, they are also totally windproof. We do recommend additional layers in the coldest weather. The Babywearing Raincover is not fleece lined but it provides total waterproof and windproof protection.

Have the products been safety tested?

Our range of products have been fully road tested by many busy parents and cosy kids. But before we let any of them lose on it we went through rigorous testing.
All of our products are tested to the EU standard for Toys and Childcare Articles EN71 Part 1, 2 and 3
The Go, Babywearing and Wheelchair Cosies have been tested for waterproofness, fastness to washing, saliva and urine.
Furthermore, all of our products are made using textiles that bear the OEKO TEX standard – produced without any harmful chemicals.

Which one should I buy?

Product GO Babywearing Cover Wheelchair Cosy Kids Wheelchair CosyAdults Solar
Season All Year Autumn, Winter, Spring Autumn, Winter, Spring Autumn, Winter, Spring Summer
Warm  (soft detachable layer)
UPF protection  UPF50+
Suitable for Ages General 0-4 years 0-4 years 2-10 years 11+ years 0-4 years
Suitable for Ages Babywearing Up to 6/9m Up to 3/4 years N/A N/A Up to 6/9m
Suitable for Front Carries N/A N/A
Suitable for Back Carries        
Suitable for use with Group 0/0+ car seats    
Suitable for use on a buggy/pushchair/stroller  
Integrated Hood        
Pouch Pocket
Stuff sac for storage   Stores in own pouch pocket
No of straps 2 4 4 4 2
Product Dimensions cms 60 x 90 80 x 100 80 x 100 80 x 130 60 x 90
BEST FOR Versatility – this product fits on everything!!  It is compact and adaptable – perfect for holidays and days out.  Great when you are jumping from buggy to car seat or sling.  Our bestseller! Great for anyone committed to babywearing or using a sling/carrier past the early baby days.  Can also be used on pushchairs/car seats.With a removable hood and plenty of space for legs in the M-position this is the perfect accessory to support babywearing for as long as you wish to. This is great for special needs buggies and kids wheelchairs.  For some bigger kids or with bulkier chairs we recommend the adult size.  Check the dimensions or get in touch This is for anyone in a regular adults wheelchair.  It should come up the waist and keep the legs covered, fitting over the footplate.  It is equally appreciated by carers or adults living indepently as it is so easy to fit and remove. Great for summer holidays and days at the beach.  It provides total UPF 50+ protection without overheating.  The soft removable layer can add warmth or be used separately as a hooded beach towel.
Find out more GO Babywearing Kids Wheelchair Adults Wheelchair Solar

BundleBean Go

How is a GO different to a regular footmuff?

Our GO is different in that it fits OVER the child rather than them getting into it. This makes it much easier to fit and remove in seconds – without having to wake or move the child. It is therefore perfect for changeable weather and indecisive toddlers! Unlike other footmuffs it is also very compact and rolls up neatly when not in use. It is also waterproof and extends to fit from newborn to 4 years old – saving you lots of hassle and money. We obviously think all of these features make it superior to all other options!

What ages is GO suitable for?

The GO extends cleverly using the zips at the sides meaning it will be perfect from newborn to 4 years of age.

Is it waterproof?

Yes it is! For toddlers in buggies, we recommend simply using it with the buggy hood up, and this should be sufficient to keep dry without the need for a bulky, fiddly raincover.

How does it fit?

Two elastic and Velcro straps can be used to attach it to the buggy frame/carrier straps as two loops. These straps can also be fitted to each other behind a car seat, bike seat or buggy seat. The zips adjust the length as necessary giving a snug fit over the child’s legs.

What types and brand of pushchair does it fit?

We very rarely come across a pushchair it doesn’t fit – the exception is where there is a bar between the child’s legs. The following have been tried and tested:
Baby Jogger
• City Select
• City Mini

• Oyster

• Affinity
• B-Agile
• B-Motion
• B-Ready
• Voyaga

• Ironman
• Revolution

• YoYo
• Zen

• Bee
• Buffalo
• Cameleon
• Donkey
• Runner
• Indie

• CT 0.6
• Liteway
• Multiway
• Nunu

• Giggle
• Wish
• Wow
• Ooba
• Yo
• Cabi
• Supa

• Priam

• Mini Stroller
• June

• Evo
• Fusio
• Symbio

• Apple
• Cherry
• Peach
• Pear
• Strawberry
• Raspberry

• Carrea
• Cross
• Muum
• Nomad
• Powertrack 360
• Powertwin
• Rider
• Run
• Slalom Pro
• Sonic
• Trider
• Twone

• Geo
• Day

• Caboose

• Quest
• Quest Sport
• Techno XLR
• Techno XT
• Triumph
• Twin Techno *
• Twin Triumph *

Mamas & Papas
• 03 Sport
• Arla twin *
• Armadillo
• Cybex Onyx
• Frankie buggy
• Herbie
• Luna
• Mylo
• Pulse
• Skate
• Tour

• Streety
• Stella
• Loola
• Noa
• Mila
• Elea
• Mura

• Backspin
• Excursion (rear facing)
• Flyte
• My3
• My4
• Mychoice (pram and carrycot)
• Phoenix tandem *
• Pick & Mix
• Spin (buggy, pram and carrycot)
• Swoop
• Ultimate Collection Premium
• Vesta
• Whizzi

Mountain Buggy
• Nano
• One
• Cosmopolitan
• Swift
• Urban Jungle
• Terrain
• Mini

• Apollo twin *
• Atlas
• Cynergy
• Escape
• Sport
• Xi 3 wheeler
• Zezu
• Zoma

Out and About
• Nipper (single)

Petite Star
• Kurvi 3
• Kurvi 4
• Zia
• Zia 4

• Vibe
• Sport
• Dash
• Dot
• Verve
• Navigator
• Smart
• Explorer
• Classic

• Buzz (3 & 4 wheeler & carrycot)
• SpeedySX
• Buzz
• Zapp

Silver Cross
• 3D complete pram mode
• 3D Jet Sport pram
• Halo
• Linear Freeway
• Pop
• Reflex
• Surf
• Ventura + car seat
• Wayfarer

• Trailz
• Scoot
• Crusi
• Xplory (world facing only)

Uppa Baby
• G-Luxe
• Vista
• G-Luxe
• Cruz

Urban Detour
• Xtreme

• Combi

Is it safe to use with a car seat?

One of the things we are proudest of is that the GO is widely recognised and endorsed by those in the know that it is one of the safest options for keeping your baby cosy AND safe in a car seat. Unlike wearing a coat or snowsuit between the straps and the child, which is incredibly dangerous and should never be done, the GO fits over the child and the harness meaning no part of it interferes with the car seat. Furthermore, you can remove it with one hand in seconds so there is no danger of your baby overheating in their car seat. Please remember not to leave your baby in their car seat for prolonged periods of time as this can also be dangerous.

Is the BundleBean GO suitable for babywearing, as a sling cover or carrier cover?

It certainly is a great product for parents choosing to use a carrier for a baby up to 6 months of age. Our BundleBean GO perfect for keeping your baby and your sling/carrier/wrap dry and protected from the elements. If you are expecting to use a sling/carrier beyond 6months of age we recommend the BundleBean for Babywearing which is wider and longer, keeping legs covered even when being carried in the M-position.
Please note that the BundleBean GO measures 60cm across so you may find that babies’ legs poke out the sides as they get older/longer. They will still be protected from the elements but care will be needed to make sure legs are suitably covered.

My child is tall for his age and has outgrown his footmuff / cosy toes. Will BundleBean Go work for us?

Yes absolutely – we meet this problem often. Most footmuffs and cosy toes on the market will fit children up to about 12-18 months old. BundleBean Go extends cleverly thanks to the zips up the sides meaning it will provide comprehensive cover for your child until they are about 4-5 years old – or out of their buggy!

We use a bike seat – will BundleBean GO be suitable?

The GO will fit all rear mounted bike seats providing either rain/cold protection. BundleBeans have been tested on the following brands and models. Please contact us if you are unsure.

• Bellelli Child Bike Seat
• Britax Jockey Comfort Child Bike Seat
• Hamax Kiss
• Hamax Sleepy
• Hamax Siesta
• Kid Cool Kooki Child Seat
• Pletscher Easy-Fix Reclining Child Bike Seat
• Polisport Bilby Reclinable Rear Child Bike Seat
• Polisport Boodie Child Seat
• Polisport Koolah Rear Child Bike Seat
• Polisport Guppy Maxi Rear Child Bike Seat
• Raleigh Avenir Snug
• Topeak Babysitter Childseat II
• Yepp Maxi Rear Child Bike Seat

BundleBean for Babywearing

What are the key features of the product?

• Fully universal – fit all brands and style of carrier, sling or wrap – find a list here
• Waterproof and warm to support all year round babywearing
• Super easy to fit and can be stored in their own neat stuff-sac when not in use
• Gorgeous range of patterns and colours

Can these be used for front and back carries?

Yes, they can! Our two pairs of straps give endless fixing options meaning they can be used by either front or back carries. We believe our babywearing cover is the most universal fitting ever developed!

Can these be used parent or world facing?

Yes, you can simply remove the hood if you choose to let your baby face out. If doing this, please ensure your babies spine is correctly supported.

Which style and brands of sling will The BundleBean for Babywearing fit?

Thanks to the two pairs of elastic and Velcro straps – your BundleBean Babywearing cover can fit all types of front and rear slings and carriers, including the following and many more:

• Mothercare 3 position
• Mothercare 2 postion
• Baby Bjorn
• Wilkinet Baby Carrier
• Mabyland Trek Snuggle
• Britax Baby Carrier
Mei tai style
• Palm and Pond
• Amazonas
• Hoppediz

Soft structured
• Ergo baby
• Action Baby Carrier
• Beco Gemini
• Beco Soleil
• Close Caboo Carrier
• Close Caboo DX Hybrid Carrier and Sling
• Lillebaby
• SnuggBaby Stork
• Manduca

Wraps – stretchy and woven
• Hana Baby Wrap
• Wrapsody
• Moby Wrap
• JPMBB wrap
• Woven wraps
• Wallaboo Baby Cross

BundleBean Wheelchair Cosies

How do these differ from regular wheelchair footmuffs or cosy toes?

Unlike a traditional wheelchair foot muff, these fit over the top of the user and an elasticated hem keeps it fitting snuggly over the legs and footplate. An elasticated section across the top provides a snug fit around the torso to keep the user cosy and protected from all angles.
The other benefits of this are no fiddly straps, no need to get out of the wheelchair or to feed legs into a bag.

Are they easy to fit?

Incredibly! Throw it over the footplate/feet and then secure to the chair using the two pairs of elastic and Velcro straps. More independent or able users will be able to do this for themselves.

My child has special needs – will this BundleBean Kids Wheelchair Cosy be suitable?

We are very pleased that BundleBean products are ideal for children with special needs and our Kids Wheelchair Cosy is perfect for children in special needs buggies up to about 9 years of age in a wheelchair, after this they may require the additional length offered by our Adults Wheelchair Cosy.

Parents and carers looking after a child in a special needs buggy or paediatric wheelchair have noted the following benefits, which are delighted to share with you:
- Non-restrictive feeling – perfect for wrigglers or children with sensory issues
- Waterproof so no more battles with a raincover
- Soft fleece
- Fun patterns that don’t look remotely suitable for an OAP!
- Great value!

What brands of special needs buggy do they fit?

We have yet to find a special needs buggy or child’s wheelchair our kids size doesn’t fit but we have tested it on the following:

Advance Mobility range: Freedom, Independence, Liberty, Spirit
Chunc - Octo, 45, Spica, Recline and Tilt
Corgi Sprint
Corzo CX and Corzino
Delichon: Delta, Hippocampe
Jacko Stroller
Jazz EASyS Pushchair
KidKart: TLC, Express, Mighty Lite
Kimba: Spring, Cross, Neo
KIWI - Lightning Pushchair
Maclaren Major
Maxi Cosi Streety Plus
Pheonix Buggy -
Snazzi® Pushchair
Snugseat: Snappi®, Spring
Swifty EASyS
Terix Tandem
Thevo Twist
Tom: XC, Streetwise
Xplore Mobility Pediatric Wheelchairs (Dyno)
Zippie: Voyage, Zone

BundleBean Solar

This item has now been discontinued

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